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The length of construction, whether a new pool, renovation or remodel depends mostly upon the work to be done. Although we strive to have all materials available when needed, deck material or custom tiles will, on occasion, cause minor delays.


To ensure a pleasant experience, please discuss any expectations or limitations you have with your design consultant.








The Construction Process

(For reference purpose only. This is an over-simplified list of the most common disciplines, may not be applicable to all pool projects and does not include in progress inspections which vary per municipality.)

◊     Design

◊     Engineering & Permitting (this may take 4-6
       weeks depending upon the municipality)

◊     Pre-site inspections (in-house & utilities)

    ◊     Excavation & steel

◊     Gunite (concrete shell) & backfill

◊     Plumbing

◊     Brick & tile

◊     Deck installation

◊     Enclosure, baby fence & equipment installation

◊     Prep, plaster & fill with water

◊     Final inspections (in-house & municipal)

◊     Pool School (orientation & operation instruction)







Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

The ultimate goal is the backyard of your dreams and your satisfaction.  We want to know all the great, and not so great, aspects of our customer's design, sales and construction experiences.  Every customer is surveyed and so we can learn how to improve from their experience.



Contractor warranties its work to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date pool is plastered provided owner has complied in full with terms and payments in other conditions of their contract.

Contractor further warranties that structure will remain structurally sound for the lifetime of the pool, the term, “lifetime of the pool” shall be construed to mean the period that the pool is owned by the original purchaser.

The term “Structurally Sound” implies that the swimming pool is capable of containing and holding water and in the event of a failure to do so, contractor will within said period repair the same so that it does hold water.

The lifetime structural warranty therefore would not extend to or cover items external to the pool, such as coping, coloring,  plaster, plumbing, electricity, filter, heater, decking or pool accessories.  The lifetime structural warranty is also invalid should the pool not be kept full of water or the structure be damaged by an act of God, war, earth or earth fill movement or events beyond the seller’s control.  And further there is no transfer or change of ownership in subject property.

Plaster is not warranted against discoloration or staining, pitting, or etching inasmuch as this is commonly due to the local water, wrong use of chemicals, or lack of proper cleaning.

Concrete, marble and paver decking is not warranted against color variations, minor cracks or surface checking in as much as this is commonly due to climate and soil conditions and is inherent in cement products.

Equipment installed carries manufacturer’s warranty and servicing or replacement of such items shall be charged for if they exceed the limits of said manufacturer’s warranty. Defect of failures caused by obvious mistreatment or neglect shall be repaired or serviced at owner’s expense.

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